I was in a Richmond condo building one evening when there was frantic knocking at the door. 

A lady that seemed to be in distress asks me to come upstairs to help her husband, explaining there was a water leak.

We raced upstairs to find the gentleman trying to thread back the shower/ tub valve assembly onto its base. Because of the water pressure, he was not able to get the fine thread started with water pouring out from the assembly. The bathtub was full and water was overflowing onto the floor like Niagara Falls. 

This man was the superintendent of the building! YIKES!

Lady holding bucket to catch water leak from ceiling

He gave me the keys to the mechanical room, so I raced downstairs and shut off as many water supply valves and gas to the hot water heaters. 

I returned upstairs to find that he thought he could take off the valve without any issues. 

Big mistake!

Now the water pouring from the bathtub was working its way through the floor and into the suite below. 

The newly drenched suite was a surprise to the owners when they returned from vacation. 

Needless to say, the suite required extensive renovation, and I am not sure how the financial compensation worked out for the disaster that could have been avoided.

Plumbing repairs in strata should always be performed by a certified and insured plumber. 

Nobody wants to be the recipient of expensive renovations costs or lawsuits. 

This is a case for having an emergency plumbing company on contract for your strata to handle emergency’s that arise whether it be semi-intentional or accidental. 

There is nothing worse than having sewage water back up into the bottom suite of a large drain stack of a tower. 

You never know who above you are pouring grease and rice down their drains plugging large drain pipes. 

Your suite in this scenario is ruined, the bacteria and stench is overwhelming.

One never thinks about water and drainage flows until the big emergency hits. 

It was lucky for the individual in the first case that I had building mechanical background and was there in the building at the time. Had his wife not been able to get any help the damage could have spread to much of the 1st floor. 

If you are a strata council member it would be wise to secure a reliable, professional, capable plumbing contractor to keep your building safe from most plumbing issues. 

Yearly maintenance can save thousands in insurance claims and massive inconvenience.

The Vancouver regional district has thousands of strata corporations so the competition to secure the best plumbing contractors is fierce. With this many strata and too few contractors and even qualified plumbers, the serious focus is warranted to getting the best coverage as possible. 

Don’t get caught with a flood of any sort. 

Have your drains checked, get your pipes checked for corrosion and wear. Have your boiler systems inspected regularly? 

The thing property managers hate the most is water leaks, for good reason. 

This article is sponsored by Burnaby Allied Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning Ltd

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